Rebuilding Trust in Europe


This conference will delve into one of the most important trends driving change in European politics: the dramatic drop in public trust in many political institutions. It will provide a space to discuss new research and analysis of the causes and consequences of the trust gap across the European continent.

The gap between citizens and governments is widening due to anxiety stemming from political and economic uncertainty, coupled with perceived and real hurdles to participation in politics.

Citizens across Europe are withdrawing from mainstream politics, as demonstrated for example by the decline in electoral turnout. At the same time non-traditional parties on the far ends of the political spectrum thrive with anti-elitist messages of radical transformation.

Policy researchers, activists, leading European thinkers, and political figures will debate what is causing the lack of trust in Europe from complementary standpoints and disciplines.

Debating Europe and Open Democracy will capture the questions explored during “Rebuilding Trust in Europe” through live debates and editorials.



Download a short report highlighting the most thought-provoking parts of the conference [PDF].