Break-out sessions on ‘Failing Debates, Failing Democracy’

Break-out sessions on ‘Failing Debates, Failing Democracy’

These three parallel break-out sessions will address the shortcomings of current political debates in European countries as mechanisms for involving citizens and achieving effective policy solutions. What can be done to rebuild trust?  

The changing European social contract and the restructuring of the welfare state

  • Dorothee Bohle, Professor of Political Science, Central European University, Budapest
  • Donal Mac Fhearraigh, Program Officer, Open Society Initiative for Europe
  • Zoltán Pogátsa, Lecturer, University of Western Hungary
  • Moderator: Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance, London School of Economics

Managing migration and diversity in society

  • Elizabeth Collett, Director, Migration Policy Institute Europe / Senior Advisor, MPI’s Transatlantic Council on Migration
  • Moussa Al-Hassan Diaw, Lecturer, University College of Education Linz (ZIMT)
  • Don Flynn, Director, Migrants’ Rights Network UK
  • Moderator: Milan Nič, Managing Director, Central European Policy Institute

Abuses of state power and the progressive erosion of democratic constitutionalism

  • Vedran Dzihic, Senior Researcher, Austrian Institute for International Affairs / Lecturer, University Vienna
  • Stefania Kapronczay, Executive Director, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
  • Ana Petruseva, Macedonia Country Director and Balkan Insight Managing Editor, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network
  • Moderator: Daniel Smilov, Associate Professor, University of Sofia / Program Director, Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia (TBC)